Custom TYpewriter Poetry

For more photos of the custom typewriter experience click HERE


This unique poetry experience gives people an opportunity to receive a custom on the spot poem from one of our MPB writers. We strive to go beyond the surface and leave patrons with a truly personalized and thoughtful keepsake.



1. Choose a poet

2. Choose a topic

3. Talk with your poet

4. Get a custom poem written just for you!

**Please inquire about our custom poetry commissions via web as well!**


Typewriter DUels & Performance

**NOTE: we tailor duels to event & age group. The above example is reflective of a more mature “bar crowd" audience but will give you a good idea of the duel structure**


The poetry duels of Melrose Poetry Bureau are interactive poetry improv games where the audience gives words/topics, which are then integrated into on the spot poems. This is a great addition to custom typewriter poetry or as a stand alone performance! CLick below to see a demo of a duel in action!